Terminal Radar Approach Control & Air Route Traffic Control Center 

Watch both of these sites as they will soon offer the Air Traffic Controller 
links to the most current information available affecting his/her job as an ATCS. 
You will find not only information (links) that will help you in your job but 
also links and a database that will allow you to keep in touch with 
both active and retired Air Traffic Controllers.

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New legislation has been introduced in Congress that will impact the retirement benefits of all Federal Employees

To the best of my knowledge, NARFE is the only organization fighting on our behalf to protect our retirement benefits
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Links to Sites of Interest to Controllers
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Click here to go to NATCA website



Click here to go to PATCO website.





A website for all employees of the FAA
For those who have retired and those who are still working.




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Tracon - the Book!


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FEDweek is Highly Recommended for All Federal Employees !

 - is the largest information resource in the Federal Government with nearly a million readers! Help your colleagues and please don't overlook your former colleagues who have retired. They will also benefit from FEDweek. Everyone is eligible to sign up for FREE email delivery at home, work or both places by visiting the web site.